He has to sell newspapers, not provide justice in Bucks County so he had to postpone the February Reader Advisory Panel after he announced my appointment it. Of course my voice of reason would influence the Courier panel. Here’s the email I sent to Shane Fitzgerald after being advised I was appointed. 

Ideas For A Better Courier Times… To attract more advertisers by Bill O’Neill….

To attract more readers:

Report all municipal issues.

Summarize all police reports

Make the weather more important…. Bigger Images…. 3x a day, plus morning, evening and nighttime.

Report Harrisburg issues every day.

Report from each Bucks Co State Rep and Senator in Harrisburg.

Report from Federal Reps and the two Senators.

Report on Trump

International Summaries, at least Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Put in a daily word.

Put in a daily foreign language word.  Use three languages a year.

Daily restaurant review. Bucks, Philly and Burlington.

Add a Science section. Don’t be afraid of Physics, … explain it.

Include major stars as they appear in the evening and morning.

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