I Told You So.

Without knowing the statistics that reveal the depth of the damage to the nation caused by Obama’s success with women as a class who overwhelmingly voted for him, I blamed the anti-abortion class, and the consequence of that damage came from what is now quantified as The Gender Gap.  (Here).  My earlier analysis blamed the Gender Difference on the religion-based Abortion Wars, and on Obama’s promises to provide free birth control to women.

The Religious War within America, being led from the pulpits by the Catholic Bishops and Christian Preachers  helped propel America into two sides of an un-needed argument. The predictable result was: the War Against Women helped cause the degradation of Amercan values and lost the Election for Romney. Details? Read the actual Roe v Wade decision (here). Roe is a jurisprudential masterpiece of legal research that got the Supreme Court Judge who wrote it for the majority almost killed in an assassination attempt by the religious people who are desperate to eliminate something that will never be eliminated. It can again be driven underground at great risk to women but it will always exist. Roe v. Wade, although not perfect nor complete, supports an individual woman’s right to her own life; to her own body; and to her control of the medical proceedures she believes will further and better serve her own life. The religious people who oppose reproductive rights for women helped Obama continue his assault on America for another four years.

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