Far-left celebrity Cher declared Wednesday that President Trump is “Putin’s waterboy” and fantasized about him burning in hell. The woman has little shame…. Not much common sense either.

“The Most DANGEROUS THREAT To America’s Safety Is The Russian Operative,Who Currently Occupies The White House,” Cher ranted in a social media post, proving her lack of intellectual bona fides.

“There’s a Special Building In The After Life For Putin’s Waterboy…..TRUMP TOWER HELL.” Has she ever been in Trump Tower? No… If she was she would know how silly her comments about the building really are. the building is magnificent. Stunningly beautiful which is why merchants are there and why customers shop there. 

Trump’s own apartment which is on two or three floors looks better than Versailles. He’s fantastically rich and has superior taste which is why his buildings are so successful, unlike Cher’s make-up squad which now uses structural steel under her cheeks.  

It’s obvious the concrete now occupies a significant part of the inside of her skull too. Cher is so over.

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