The average K-12 teacher salary in the Morrisville area is paid $98K for the ten month school year. Bensalem pays $113,934 and a teacher is limited to teaching only 5 classes of 45 minutes each per day. In addition most teachers are paid for “Extra Duty” which can get them an additional $2-3 grand a year but the football coach can score loads more, probably an additional $20 – $30 grand more. 

Classes are 45 minutes and a teacher gets one extra 45 minute time period each day for “Class Prep” plus an additional sort of time for miscellaneous duty. They need not be present at the school for class prep. 

Teachers also get even more benefits, some of which they pay perhaps a maximum of 50% of the cost. They get money to travel and live while they study to get more “college credits” for which they are also paid as is the tuition for the college credits. All that totals to about $1.25 million every 8 or nine years. Very few teachers work for more than 20 years. They “retire” and in retirement they are paid sometimes more than their salary was while teaching or coaching or studying.  If they work 40 years they can cost a school district $5 million plus the retirement costs. Start teaching at age 21. Continue until age 41. Retire for another 40 years and the taxpayers pay for all that. Perhaps $10 Million per teacher?

School Administrators are paid even more than the highest paid teacher. The lowest paid administrator is higher than the highest paid teacher. 

School district costs never ever include the retirement costs in dollars and cents. Plus, in what is a misleading tactic they usually discuss contracts in terms of averages, totals and differences, never the actual cost to the taxpayer. No teacher contract would dare include the non-teaching costs that are carefully hidden from the view of the reporters who never, ever seem to catch on. .