Fair shot malarky has been around since the world was flat. Obama wants to give a fair shot only to the poor. Obama really hates success and he proves that by his system of penalties for achievers. Make more and Obama wants you to pay more. How is that fair? What good is a fair shot after you had your shot? How many shots does each person get? If you are not capable, Obama wants you to shoot and shoot again until you score. If you score first, you cannot score again until the others score.  How is that fair? It’s like giving criminals the right to take enough so they have as much as their victims. Obama believes that every American should get a fair shot except those who are smarter. They get an unfair shot. The world is not supposed to work that way and it doesn’t work that way. Government is supposed to protect the shooter, not the shot.

People are not equal. People are not even the same. At birth some people are bigger, some smarter, some better looking, some run faster, others think better. How can someone who is faster get a fair shot when others are given a head start? How can smart people get a fair shot when others are given additional points because they are not smart?

How can someone with green eyes get a fair shot at eye color? How about brains? How will Obama give everyone a fair shot at brains? You get the point? A fair shot means no one gets a head start. A fair shot means no one gets to take from others. Obama wants to penalize the good for being good. Government needs to protect everyone, rich and poor, smart, dumb and everyone inbetween. Justice does not put it’s thumb on the scale. Justice demands everyone gets the same shot. Injustice and Obama want their favorites to get an unfair advantage.

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