The woman is rubbish on a raft. Protected a serial rapist. Fired the White House Travel Office to reward political cronies. Still lying and will go to her grave lying. Lied in Arkansas. Lied in the Senate. Lied about Bernie Sanders….. Serial lying is psychotic. Hillary is truly bat-crap crazy.

Her husband called her “Hilla the Hun.” Other names are:

  • Shillary

  • Killary

  • Hitlery

  • Crooked Hillary

  • Crooked

  • Klinton

  • Hildebeest

  • Defender of child rapists

  • Corporate Whore

  • Leader of the Party of Death

  • Hillary Rotten Clinton

  • Hiel Hillary

  • Wicked witch of the West wing

  • Robbery Hillham

  • Mrs. Carpetbagger

  • The Devil

  • Monster

    Our favorite is still: “LIAR!”

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