She’s urging non-white people to take action. What’s so wrong about that? 

It’s very, very, clearly against the foundational ideas of America to separate and Balkanize people by their race then organize those racially separated people into action as the ex first lady has been doing.

The best way to eliminate racism against white people by black people as the ex-first lady is busy doing is to show everyone that everyone can work together instead of promoting continuing separations. Ideas like #BlackGirls Rock and #BET are purposely designed to separate and grow apart instead of growing together. 

If Michelle is correct, that the races cannot work together, Americans are justified in getting together by skin color and working against people with different colors of skin but that’s not the way America should work. Nor is it the way America actually works but why should she encourage Racism?  No good reason. No good reason at all. 

She’s part of the reason some Americans refuse to work together. Pity. Pity for her. She needs to change her tune because white people cannot change their skin color and she’s aware of that. HERE. This is just awful to witness.