Very, very few men can play NFL football. Even fewer can win a Super Bowl. Doug Pederson and the Eagles did it once is 52 years.
The plays and the actions of the teams are important. Usually that’s all the press reports because the press is not the players. The press is not the team. The press can report what they see. What they can’t see is the heart of a winner. Or a loser but losing in the NFL is not like losing in life.
Losing is permanent. The mental gymnastics of winning include losing and losing but always playing to win moment by moment but it’s more than physical playing.
It’s the “Moments of the Mind” that count more than the physical moments. It’s the major lesson of being human.
 Super Bowl Winners are an extremely small part of the culture. The Eagle players, coach, coaches and the entire organization had to help win the super bowl rings but the unsung heroes are the fans.
An amazing player just announced his retirement. Brent Celek. .