Doctor Visit 1962………….$12

Doctor Visit 2010……….$5,312

Increase:-………………….417 times, i.e., 41,700 % !!!

The cost of healthcare tripled during the first two years of The Great Society. Lyndon Johnson (D), with a Democrat Super-majority, forced Federal Control of Health Care onto America.  The example above shows the 41,700 per cent increase in medical cost since then. It’s calculated on the info in the table below the chart in the reference.

That’s an increase of 417 times in 48 years. That shows the great damage and the great danger to your money and in this case to your life if you cannot pay for medical care. 

Healthcare per person cost 417 times more in 2010 than in 1962. What caused that? Government intervention into the private market.There are 692,000 doctors in America. Healthcare in 2010 was $14.56 trillion. That’s $1,188,000 dollars per doctor. In 1962 it was $2,550 dollars per doctor. What caused that? Government intervention into the private market.

In 1962 the average pay was $107 per week before taxes. If the average pay increased 417 times it would be $2.3 million a week. that’s how enourmously expensive medical care has become because of government intervention.

the information is buried and kept buried because information like this can cause people to get very, very upset and they should get upset because no one should be victimized and then mislead, especially not on this kind of scale.  In 1962 healthcare costs were 0.2% of GDP. GDP was $586 billion. In 2011 GDP was $15 trillion and healthcare was 5.65% of GDP.

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