A Roman Legion was about 5,000 soldiers. Obama has millions of “soldiers”, people who support him, people who are cultural socialists, who despise Individuals because they believe government is created to advance everyone. They make the case that everyone has a duty to support some lesser group, lets say “The Poor”. Socialists make the case that benefits must go to the poor because: “that’s the right thing to do”. That makes helping the poor a duty and a good thing. Doing “Good Things” means helping the poor is the moral thing to do. Anyone who owns anything must “sacrifice” part of it, perhaps all of it because the poor have a claim on it. The owner is brushed aside by socialists. Ownership can be denied by government and by society if the poor need it. That’s how Socialists see money. Money, they believe, doesn’t belong to the owner. Because that’s how it is, they can take from owners and do what they want as long as they say what they are doing is to help the poor. That’s why Obama got away with forcing people, especially young people to buy Medical Insurance or pay a fine. He got away with it and legions of Left-Wingers believe he was right to do it. As you can see, they invented socialism to take money and property from owners. Because they were sucessful in convincing people that was the moral thing to do, generations of people will continue to worry about what government will take. Private Property is the enemy to the left. If some company want’s your property to build something government likes, government will take it. That’s what happened in New London Connecticut and other places. that’s why Obama is supported by the Left. Legions of believers in Socialism.   

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