Aug 072018

Caitlyn Marie Jenner is incredibly rich, worth over $100 Million Dollars!! After all Bruce Jenner was a fantastic Olympic athlete. The money came rolling in. 

She had gender reassignment surgery which removed some, …… but not all of her male parts and re-arranged some things to make her appear to be a female.

There’s a limit to what the doctors can do to re-assign a male to become a female. There is surgery, psychic counseling and hormones. Nevertheless, many of the old male parts are still there and working. Some of the new parts don’t function as if they were original.

The psychological issues are overwhelming. No one really knows what’s going on inside the brain and mind of Caitlyn. Depending on your own attitudes towards the idea of a man who “becomes” a woman you will conclude differently than people with different ideas and views.

Nothing evil went on here. Nothing “wrong” was done. Going forward we will learn more about what went on as Bruce who became Caitlyn continues as Caitlyn. The story and the issues are “evolving”. As the future unfolds, here’s wishing everyone well. There’s nothing wrong here.