Aug 052018

Why is race important here?
The black pusher who pushed the white man with a gun to the ground was much bigger than the man he pushed and he tried to retreat when the pushed man who was on the ground showed his gun. The pusher didn’t know the man he pushed to the ground had a gun. Only the shooter knows what he was thinking as he shot the man who had just pushed him to the ground in the paved parking lot but there was plenty of time for him to get up a story after the pusher retreated back into the store after he was shot. The pusher died from the bullet that hit him in his chest.

The sheriff did not arrest the shooter partly because there was a video of the incident that clearly shows the shooter was violently shoved to the paved parking lot. No doubt that hurt him physically. No doubt from the video that the shot man was violently shoved to the hard, hard ground.
There’s lots of doubt about what was done because the sheriff claims he cannot know what was in the mind of the shooter. It’s pretty clear that he was violently shoved.
The video doesn’t show the shooter confronting the shot man’s girlfriend as she parked in a handicapped spot without a handicapped placard.
Who started this? The girlfriend who illegally parked. Everything antecedent to that finally resulted in the death of her boyfriend who pushed the shooter to the ground. the girlfriend was out of her car, was ignoring the man who told her she was illegally parked and it was her boyfriend who shot
The sheriff is on good ground in not arresting the shooter. He would be on good ground arresting him too but the arrest would be followed by a trial and there’s little chance the shooter would be found guilty.
What’s the lesson for us bystanders here? There are a lot of lessons but no way to really, really know whether or not the shooting was proper. For certain, it would have been better if no one was injured but the time for that is gone. It just seems wrong that someone is shot but it’s also wrong to confront a woman illegally parked in a not the best of neighborhoods place and not expect consequences.

Some people are more violent than others. At least two of the three people in this event were violent. The woman who illegally parked started this unfortunate chain of events. HERE. The man who loudly confronted her didn’t fear for his life because he was armed. As it turned out he killed a man. All we can say for certain is it’s not the fault of the gun.

About Race: Suppose this happened in the daylight. Things might have ended differently. Suppose this happened on a school parking lot and the people were teachers? Suppose the woman who illegally parked had parked in a proper parking space?
But it happened late at night in a neighborhood where it’s reasonable for people to have a gun. And it happened between two black people and one white person, not three other raced people. Would that have made a difference? There’s no way to know for certain but the lesson here is related to the time, place and the three people. That’s what makes it different than a similar confrontation between different people at a different time and at a different place.