FAKE NEWS called the T-6 Texan, also called an SNJ which is a WWII torpedo bomber, . . .  a small plane. It weighed over two and a half tons loaded and the wing was as big as two cars. That’s hardly a small plane but the FAKE NEWS called it a small plane. It had a 600 horsepower engine but they called it a small plane.

A Piper Cub is a small plane. So is a single engine Cessna or even a Beech Bonanza with it’s “V” tail. The AT-6 Texan is one big single engine bomber.  OK. It’s small compared to a 747 but anyone who gets close to one wouldn’t call it small. It’s a bomber. It carried 1,500 pounds of bombs. It has rockets put on it’s wings. It’s a combat aircraft but the FAKE NEWS doesn’t research what it prints and doesn’t know much about aircraft so they call it a small plane which is also meant to condemn private aviation. The media doesn’t like private people owning and flying planes so they call just about everything small to diminish private flying.  


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