If de Blasio wants to follow the law he should not steal. Not from the rich. Not from the middle class. Nor should he give stolen money to the poor. That’s fencing money which is another crime. He said in his inaugural remarks: “We are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities…”. Rubbish. Why use “We” when he means “Me”? What about economic inequality? Some people are not as good as others making money. How can he change that? By making some people more equal economically? He needs to change the intellectual equipment of the poor to do that but that’s impossible. He can take money from the rich but that’s immoral according to every culture since cultures came into existence.

Same for Social Inequality. Some people are disadvantaged by nature. Is nature to blame for Social Inequality. Yes. Can de Blasio change nature? No but he can take money from those who own it and give it to those that want it. This is a man who follows immoral values.  

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