Most of the so-called Welfare System is simply vote harvesting. The theory is sound. Pay people to vote for you. Pay people to do what you ask is the way the Capitalistic System works except Capitalists use their own money, Socialists do not. Roosevelt’s July 8, 1934 speech marks the beginning of welfare and Vote Harvesting in America. (Here). Obama didn’t have to invent anything new. Just keep taking money from the poor and the middle class, after all, there are more of them from which to take, and give half of it back so the poor thinks they are being helped. Give the poor cellphones; give them EBT cards, food stamps and thousands of dollars for not working, and they will vote for Obama as they did for Roosevelt, John Kerry, John Edwards and Bill Clinton. The socialist trick is to fool people into thinking they are getting something for nothing. That’s the difference between Capitalism and all other systems. Capitalists use their own money to pay people to work for them. Socialists pay people with their own money to not work.    

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