The Obama Adminstration is the most politically connected, lacking in ability, you scratch my back, bunch of cheaters and rule breakers to come to power in Washington.   The VP debate fix was in. Left Wing, anti-Conservative, biased moderator Martha Raddatz. Raddatz. Obama just happened to attend her 1991 wedding to Julius Genachowski, (currently head of the FCC in the Obama White House). Martha Raddatz is currently on her third husband. So much for her ability to correctly judge people. Her first husband, Julius Genachowski, just happened to be a campaign bundler for Obama, who just happened to name him head of the Federal Communications Commission. Her second was Ben Bradlee, Jr., Projects Editor for ultra Liberal, ultra Left The Boston Globe and son of former Washington Post executive editor Benjamin C. Bradlee. So Martha Raddatz just happened to become a journalist and work for Left Liberal ABC, who just happened to be selected to be the moderator for the October 11, 2012 vice-presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan because of her Left Wing ideas, her Liberal past husbands and their connections with the Liberal Media and Marxist anti-Constitution Obama. This is more than just dirty politics. These are the worst kinds of inter-connected cheaters and swindlers who get by because of pull, not ability.

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