Mar 072018

The dead students at Parkland were caused by President Obama’s illegal and failed PROMISE program. Along with his co-conspirator School Superintendent Robert W. Runcie they, Obama and Runcie, a Jamacian decided to keep criminal juveniles like shooter Nikolas Cruz out of jail by simply not arresting him. That’s why the police were at his home 29 times but there’s no arrest reports. They simply didn’t arrest a criminal because that’s what they decided to do to keep juvenile criminals out of jail. Rush Limbaugh talked about it but he connected it to getting Federal Grant Money. Money is fungible. It’s essentially race-neutral but it’s often connected to race as it was with Runcie, Obama and Eric Holder. Per Rush: “they began a program called the PROMISE Program which promised money to local police departments and school districts for ignoring certain crimes, . . . And for all of these crimes ignored, there would thus be no charges. And thus no convictions. And thus there wouldn’t be any sentencing because nobody’d be going to jail. Now, they couldn’t, from Washington, instruct a school district or police department to ignore only crime committed by minorities.

“That wouldn’t fly.

“People would spot that right off the bat and they would object to it.

“So they had to be cagey, and they had to basically extend this policy to types crime rather than types of perp. So various misdemeanors — and some crimes that are above misdemeanor but not full-fledged Class A felonies — were ignored by everybody committing them. And the reward for behaving was federal money. So the incentive to ignore crime was monetized by a program called the PROMISE Program instituted by Obama and Holder under the premise (False) that American prison populations were unfairly and unjustly African-American and minority.”
“Broward County adopted a lenient disciplinary policy similar to those adopted by many other districts under pressure from the Obama administration to reduce racial ‘disparities’ in suspensions and expulsions,” said Peter Kirsanow, a black conservative on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in Washington. “In many of these districts, the drive to ‘get our numbers right’ has produced disastrous results, with startling increases in both the number and severity of disciplinary offenses, including assaults and beatings of teachers and students.” HERE.

Laura Ingraham listed the infractions that the ‘PROMISE Program’ prevented police from getting involved in: Alcohol-related incidents, assault, threat, bullying, disruption on campus, drug use, possession, under the influence, drug paraphernalia, possession, false accusation against school staff, fighting, mutual combat, harassment, thefts, trespassing, vandalism and damage to property. HERE.

According to a pamphlet by BCPS, the ‘Promise Program’ was implemented in an effort to “eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline.”

Arrests went from 1,056 students in 2011-2012 to 392 in the 2015-2016 school year. But the number and severity of the crimes didn’t frop. they were simply not reported and not prosecuted.
It wasn’t the NRA who put the gun into shooter Nikolas Cruz’s criminal hands, it was the silence and cover=ups of Obama and Runcie and Holder and others who conspired to cover-up the crimes so the numbers didn’t target minorities.

You will not find those connection easily on the internet. PROMISE is being covered-up by the lying Left and their suppression of news which they don’t like. It’s FAKE SILENCE.

As long ago as the beginning of the Obama administration HERE the cover-ups were going on. They even gave it a name: PROMISE but is became essentially a race based cover-up. in