It’s not supposed to be about Race or White Guilt or any of the wall of government programs that disadvantage whites to help blacks but of course it’s all about all those programs and more because when government advantages one group it’s the out-groups and the others who are disadvantaged. The money pot has to get filled before it can be drained. In that way the victims of racism include white people.  

Oprah made it into the gadzillionares club so good for her. Can she be president? Of course. Will she run? Maybe, maybe not. So far she says no but that’s the correct response two years before the next presidential election in 2020. She most likely cannot win so she most likely will not run.

Frankly, after the massive anti-American and especially president Obama’s anti-white stances America is not ready to continue to ingest the black agendas of black candidates. Obama ruined the possibility of another black person as president anytime in the near future.  . 

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