The 14 year old student who was ridiculed by her teacher and the class lost. She had to leave her school and try to get on with her life at a different school. The bullies won. The lousy teacher who started the attacks won. She has her job. She suffered no ill-effects. She is a local hero. The pint size bullies who drove the student from the school had the support of the the teacher, her union, their neighborhood, their friends and an assortment of law breakers who refuse to act according to the rules. They just learned that if you are part of a mob and the mob is supported by other mobs that the mobs win. What a lousy set of lessons to learn in school.

The larger issue is that the bad behavior is inspired by President Obama. The attitude of the unruly people has been energized by the success of Obama. They see themselves as an oppressed people who need to blindly support a President  who is one of them. These are small minds. Students learn oppression from their parents and the community. They learn how to succeed by watching and learning from the daily examples around them. They look up to people who let them down but the students who oppressed the 14 year old may eventually see how they were tricked by some small minds in adult bodies.

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