Feb 112018

“Race, Evolution and Behavior” explains some of the differences in the three races: Asian, White and Black.

“Why Race Matters” has far more information about IQ than “The Bell Curve”.

Armed with more and more information it’s obvious why Affirmative Action, Head Start and other programs to help black Americans didn’t work. It is impossible to change Intelligence. White people for example are stuck with the IQ they had from birth. They cannot become dumber or smarter because that’s the nature of Intelligence. Behavior is malleable; Intelligence is fixed. 

The lesson is that all of the claimed Oppression did not lower the IQ of people who have lower IQ’s. All of the well-meaning programs didn’t raise IQ either. Oh well….

IQ Benefits and Penalties

The idea that higher intelligence is better than low intelligence by its definition neglects to include the all of the attributes of being human. No one would argue higher intelligence can make, ….but does not always make, ….life better. Having a lot on money is similar. Being a nice person has life benefits too but the fixation on intelligence is because it is measurable.

The Right To A Higher Intelligence ~ there is none. 
America blames white people for the low performances of black people because they are white.

Liberals blame white racism, conservatives blame welfare. Neither blames the cause which is IQ.

Thirty-three percent of all black children (and their mothers) are now supported almost entirely by the resources of genetically unrelated whites in the form of public assistance, rather than by their biological parents. So unfair plus not only is there no gratitude, there’s approbation and blame for a set of problems that are set by nature.
Not only is there no solution, when it’s thought about there’s no problem for things that are as blameless as the sunrise.