Jan 302018

They need to grow up.
USA TODAY cheats their customers who expect objectivism in the reports when they write favorably about players protesting about the white race instead of doing what they are paid fabulous amounts of money to do, — play football. The protesting players are committing FRAUD ON THE FANS by protesting instead of thinking about playing and winning the game. It’s hard enough for most football players to think about winning without the distraction of protesting about their race. Can they be expected to pay attention to playing football and doing their best to win when internally and intellectually they are consumed by their rage against America and most likely against white people?

RACISM is an easy charge to make against white people who have been so successful throughout history. Success brings jealousy and spite. These spiteful millionaire football players hate white people because these spiteful non-white people wrongly believe their failures are caused by the success of white people.

Race-based incentives against white people by non-white people should be based in facts instead of skin color but too often they’re not. Tell them: “Hey scobberlotchers! Thy vile canker-blossom’d countenance curdles milk and sours beer!” You Muckspouts.