Universities have a negative effect on the way things are going in the country according to Pew, and 58 percent of Republicans say that (36 percent said they have a positive effect), compared to 19 percent of Democrats with a negative view of colleges and universities. Gallup found that only 33 percent of Republicans and those leaning Republican have a great deal of faith in colleges and universities (67 percent had some or very little), compared to 56 percent of Democrats and those leaning that way (43 percent had some or very little).

But the facts are that a college education is not a sure-fire path to success and may be a detriment because in addition to an average cost in dollars of almost $300,00 the student loses four years of earnings which is another cost of about $80 to $100,000.

So at the end of four or five years in college you start in a huge financial hole of maybe $400,000 to a lot more than that if you attended an Ivy school and at $400 a week it will take $400,000 times the interest rate, use 3.7% per year, divided by about $400 a week for 40 years. If you graduate at age 23 you will pay off your college cost by age 62 years.

In too many cases, no, it’s not worth the time, four or five years out of your life and the expense