Russia is scared of being invaded so Trump should invade which would stop the Democrats attacks on him and his family and force Putin to back off his takeover of Ukraine.

Trump broke the back of Putin in Poland by shipping a large ship full of Liquid Natural Gas, LNG to Poland. America can prosper far more by shipping lots more LNG and oil to Europe which will send the Russia economy steeply down. that will harm Putin politically and pave the way for a new president in Russia who is less corrupt than Putin.

Putin is fortunate that there are enemies of America inside of America who would open our our borders to mass settlement from anti-American countries and cultures. There are friends of Putin who hate Western Civ., people to whom Western Civ. is only a catalog of oppression, slavery, colonialism, patriarchy, and cruelty.

These people infest our government bureaucracies, our schools and universities, our media outlets, our churches, our corporations. Do we have the will to face them down, to drain those swamps?

President Trump is going after those swamp-dwellers. He said it in Poland. Good.
Protect our borders? The Poles remember very vividly—how could they ever forget? —what happened to their borders 78 years ago, when Stalin and Hitler simultaneously invaded.

Concerning which, by the way—as an old Cold Warrior, but also as a person who just likes to hear the plain truth spoken—I’d like to thank President Trump again and again for not skipping over the monstrous crimes of Soviet Russia.

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