Trump has been called crazy by a lot of chagrined Liberals including two idiots Scarborough and Mika Brezezinski who have PhD’s which proves how little they help people figure out politics. Matthews is so confused and intellectually warped that he compared President Trump to Benito Mussolini.

Joe Scarborough is Matthew Perry with glasses and a TV show. His co-host is the daughter of Democrat Zebignew Brzezinski (of the disaster called the Jimmie Carter administration) and a Polish woman of Czech descent. Donald Trump has three children with Ivana who was born in Zlin, Czechoslovakia but there’s no longer any love between the back-stabbing “Mika”, pronounced “Mee Kha” who is engaged to Scarborough and the friend they had in President Trump.

For the good of the universe they must be prevented from mating.

Together they have five children by three since divorced spouses; (they suck at relationships), but none with each other.

Matthews, Scarborough and “Mika” Brez are deranged by Trump.

It’s stunning to watch amateurs play psychiatrist and psychologist, outright ridicule the president’s physicality, his mental state, calling him negative a preposterous names that you won’t want your children to call people on a playground. You would punish them for using those words and then all of a sudden these amateurs feign shock when the President fights back and defends himself. It’s like tickling a bear and being surprised when you get swatted.

Even though Obama was the worst president ever and Trump shows all indications of being among the best if not the best President this trio of assassins praised the crap-weasel worst president Obama and his wig-expert wife.

By law never again can Obama campaign for President. America will be spared more Obama but we will continue to be tortured by the vile trio of Matthews, Scarborough and Mika.

Liberals created a culture and a climate where the left is so egregiously insane and vicious and bloodthirsty they are against America. The basis of their sinister invocations are coming from powerful sociopaths such as George Soros and Hillary Clinton. This doesn’t even include the Islamic terrorists the left has chosen as their murderous bedfellows. They want us dead too!

The extreme left has always been a Misfit Magnet.
Irresponsible people like Matthews, Scarborough and Brezezinski are proof.
Deranged Misfits.

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