Whoever controls Iran controls a lot of the troublesome and terroristic Middle East. Obama never got into Syria but it helped Putin get a base there by not interfering with Assad. Putin will continue to have trouble over Ukraine and now that Poland has NATO protection the three Baltic nations, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are also safer than they’ve been in decades. Putin and Russia don’t need Ukraine but they need to feel that the Russian’s in the Russian sections of Ukraine are safe from the Ukrainians. Although Crimea is a problem, Trump can easily agree with Putin about the rest of Ukraine, agree that Russia is in control of Syria and that Trump and America want to get Iran under control.

Iraq is right next to Iran so whoever controls Iraq gets a front row seat in the battle against Iran.

Yes, Iran will have to be confronted with military action until it gets out of the Terrorism business and it won’t do that until there is a more powerful force aligned against it. Europe won’t do that because much of Europe is within range of Iran’s ICBM’s. That’s why Iran’s cruise missile firings need to be stopped.

When Iran goes nuclear the world gets more dangerous and Israel might get wiped out. Neither Russia nor America needs that to happen. Both Russia and America can control Iran through Iraq.

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