It’s good advice to run away from terrorist attacks but it’s also good to try to kill terrorists who are killing Americans because the life you save may be your own.
You can carry a gun because you are an American citizen. You can hope you will never have to use the gun you carry and mostly that’s reasonable but remember that the law of the land is the police who are charged with protecting people don’t have to protect you. That’s where you can protect yourself comes in.
In fact, the power to carry a gun is a right supposedly protected by the Constitution. SInce you can carry a gun you can give permission to the police to carry a gun too. that’s the basis in American law that provides the path for the carrying of guns by the police and that’s a good thing.
But you didn’t give up your right to a gun just because the police can. that’w the way Rights work.
Rights carry the power to protect Rights. The Supreme Court has ruled on that too but common sense proves they are correct. The power to defend your own life and by the rules of logic to everyone else was recognized when America was founded. People have been changed since then. Far too many people are afraid to defend themselves.
Gallup found:
38% of Americans are less willing to attend large events due to terrorism
The previous percentage was as high as 32% in 2002
46% less willing to travel overseas due to terrorism concerns.
The corollary is that 62% of Americans aren’t afraid of being a terror victim. the increase in the number of Americans buying one or more guns is not known but there are hundreds of millions of guns in priate hands and more get sold after every terrorist attack.

“We’ve seen a dramatic spike in business,” Scott Blick, a managing partner at Ammunition Depot, told the Washington Free Beacon. “I would say about 300 percent. We really haven’t had time to breathe too much just because we’re so backed up.”

“We’ve actually seen an increase in sales since the attacks in Paris, likely due to fears of terrorism at home,” Anthony Welsch, Lucky Gunner spokesperson, said.
ud’s Gun Shop, which operates one of the nation’s largest online gun stores, as well as a brick and mortar shop in Kentucky, has seen the same jump.

“We have seen an increase in both the sales of certain types of firearms and ammo,” Rex McClanahan, Bud’s Gun Shop president, said. The increased interest in guns has also affected firearms training. The National Rifle Association Range in Fairfax, Virginia, has noticed a jump in customers. The sale of laser aiming sights is way up. the addition of a laser sight to a handgun improves the ability of most people to hit the target more often.
But most Americans have been talked out of acquiring a gun. American’s who own a pistol cannot carry it with them unless they get permission from government, permission that was taken for granted when the constitution and the Second Amendment were approved. Why are more Americans afraid to acquire a pistol? Because they have been hectored about the dangers of doing it but that information isn’t countered with the reasons a gun is necessary for self-protection from terrorists.

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