If he read it he don’t get it. Or, more probably, he is secretely fighting to overthrow it.

The New York Times reported,….. well they are secret, un-indicted co-conspirators for the Obama Campaign – so they support but don’t report. The entire newspaper is tilted so left that even Lenin would be embarrased. Their bias is blatant. They follow the rule: Republicans Bad, Republicans Racist. They are Extremists for Obama so lets say ….. on Sept 15 they published:

“U.S prepared for long siege of Arab unrest”

Calling the murders of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three additional Americans “unrest” is preposterous as well as disrespectful. Calling riots a seige is equally false. Why do they lie for this guy?   

Obama used code words to deprive YouTube and the producer of a video their Rights of Free Speech, Rights which Obama has a duty to protect and defend against the entire world instead of acting like a lobbyist for the enemies America. He’s been apologetic and feckless towards America while bowing to one of his mentors, the King of the country that provided most of the 9/11 terrorists, Saudi Arabia. Obama and everyone should be proud of America’s culture, proud of our Constitution and use these events to promote America’s values and virtues to the Arabs instead of apologizing for our exceptional achievements, political, intellectual and material. Obama is so against America, the conclusion after judging him for the past four years. He’s a fraud. He won office by deceiving people. His policies have worsened America’s position in the world, having moves us from first to seventh in Worldwide Cmpetitiveness. Read the report here.  Obama is working against Coal. (Click here). He kept his agenda secret and he’s still at it. America is worse for him being president and will be far worse if he wins the November election.

Here’s what the Times wrote:   “Even as more Marines are sent to diplomatic missions, and two Navy destroyers patrol nearby, Mr. Obama has reached out to leaders like Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, and aides asked YouTube to review its posting of the video.       

More broadly, the Obama team is confronting the very nature of America’s presence in the Middle East. With embassies already fortified after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, officials are asking whether they can be further secured or whether some activities need to be curtailed, like assistance and public diplomacy programs that leave Americans more exposed, though there are no plans at the moment to do so. The State Department said Saturday that it was evacuating all family members and nonessential personnel from embassies in Tunis and Khartoum.       

The trade-offs of such choices are stark. Pulling back on American involvement in these countries would undercut the ability to build cultural bridges that in theory diminish the sort of hostility now vividly on display. Yet officials said continuing with business as usual seemed untenable as well, and they recognize that foreign aid, already a tough sell in a rigid fiscal environment, may become even tougher to extract from Congress.”

“PULLING BACK!” Why doesn’t he follow his campaign theme: “Foreword”? Why? Because he’s against our greatness. He wants America to pay for something he’s hidden in his sub-conscious and will not reveal. That’s  Intellectually Dishonest. That’s a denial of reality. That’s Fraud. Obama has been and continues to be a cunning fraud.

The murderers in Cairo were acts of war.

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