Quotes: The outcomes of ultra-structural analyses (of the brain) were particularly surprising: it turns out that neurotransmission is unnecessary for assembly of basic building blocks of single synaptic connections, including so-called dendritic spines that recruit signaling complexes that enable neurons to sense glutamate.
Richard Sando, a graduate student in the Maximov lab, generated mice whose hippocampus permanently lacked secretion of glutamate, a neurotransmitter that activates neurons when a memory is formed. Despite apparent inability to learn and remember, these animals could eat, walk around, groom, and even engage in rudimental social interactions.
Their hippocampus can be compared to a computer that goes though the assembly line, but never gets plugged to a power source and loaded with software.

See the article HERE.
Just what does this mean?
It means you have the equipment to learn even though the normal ways the brain works to learn may not work like it usually does. Good news for all.

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