“Why We Want to Kill You” by Walid Shoebat is available on Amazon. So is “God’s War on Terror”. They prove why President Trumps travel ban on seven Mideast countries is not only the right thing to do, it doesn’t go nearly far enough to keep America safe.

A holy war is a war. The purpose of war is to kill opponents. Holy, secular, political, …. doesn’t matter. the purpose of war is to kill opponents until those remaining surrender. 

Quote from the inside flap: “From every area of the free world, strong evidence is reaching us of crimes and atrocities committed by Islamic fundamentalists in the name of Allah. A great many Muslims, “educated” people, and our elected leaders know about these crimes; those who do not know, do not know because they do not want to know. They do not ask questions because they are afraid of the answers. They fear the knowledge of what they are tolerating, but the ones among us who are open to seeking truth and justice know how to differentiate between criminals and their victims.”

Criminal is an insufficient word. Satanic may be better. Evil is another attribute of Terrorists and those who support them. Trump must do more to defeat the terrorists. The U.N. must do more. More. More. Much more. More needs to be done. Don’t sit on the sidelines. This is not a game. Those who sit and watch help the terrorists.

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