Of course President Trump will be great for America and he will succeed to “Drain the Swamp” in Washington, DC. The underlying problem in America however is much bigger than the swamp in Washington DC. The bigger swamp affects every individual. It’s the leftward tilt of America. Proof is the number of voters who didn’t vote for Trump.
Therein lies America’s biggest problem and it will be impossible for Trump to move America back to a free market country. America is a Socialist country run by Liberals who think more in line with Putin, Stalin, Castro and Marx than Jefferson, Washington and Adams.

A free country is easily captured by turning the minds of the individuals to Socialism. That was accomplished decades ago. John Dewey began his takeover of young minds around the 1920. His work can be read in every textbook used in the government run schools.

Dewey merely repeated the themes of Immanual Kant ot the 19th centuary who showed how incompetent people are. Kant was wrong. Dewey was too but most people were too busy trying to get on with their lives to monitor what was silently going on. President Obama is a Stealth Socialist and a closet tyrant who hides his beliefs and continued to move America to the left, away from Individualism.
Changing that is not what President trump has promised.
Trump can drain the political swamp in Washington, DC. He can also change the direction of America away from Socialism and towards Individualism but that’s a Herculean job that Trump never signed up for.

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