The powers of Bucks County have approved in principle a paved bicycle trail for an abandoned railroad line running from Philadelphis to Newtown, PA. The has been partially built in Philadelphia and partially approved in Bucks County. Northampton Township however has yet to approve their portion of it. Huge public meetings have been held to allow the people to voice their approval or disapproval because it requires Northampton Township to spend $5 million tax dollars for the roughly million dollars a mile to pave over the railroad tracks so bicycle riders can negotiate the terrain.

Public land is not part of the free market. It cannot be bought or sold by citizens. Government controls it and in the case of the abandoned railroad line it was removed from the owners by The Railroad Act, a set of federal laws whereby the government gave itself permission to take and use the land for railroads. Much of the taken land was not paid for. It was simply taken in “The Name Of The People”. That’s not freedom, that’s tyranny.
So Tyranny came to Bucks County and a railroad was built but people did not need to ride the government’s train. The line was abandoned and a vocal group of bicycle riders are asking government to pave over the railroad tracks so they can easily negotiate the terrain which runs thru tunnels and over streams.

It is appropriate therefore to name the bicycle trail according to the fundamental idea that underlies the government controlling private land. “The Ho Chi Minh Trail” fills the bill, don’t you think? And isn’t it disgraceful that so many accept the tyranny that has been masquerading as a government of the people?

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