I grew up as a Liberal Catholic, .. is there another kind?
Seriously, I graduated from a Philadelphia Catholic High School and a Catholic University and I knew, reasonably and instinctively, that Democrats are good and Republicans are evil. That was 180 degrees wrong.

It’s not that Democrats are wrong on some things and right on other things, they are wrong on just about every issue. How else to explain their hatred of America?

Gradually it began to dawn on me that Democrats, Liberals, the Left, the media, are not wrong on just about every issue; it’s quite literally, every issue and that worngness propelled one of the most corrupt couples into the presidency once and if the polls are right, twice. This cannot end well for America.

How is it that Liberals live in the freest nation not only on earth but see only racism, bigotry, and oppression? How can they live in the least imperialistic culture and nation in human history and see America as the most imperialistic nation ever? How do they do that?

How is it that the Left sees 9/11 as the answer to why was America attacked as “they deserved it”?
developing . . . .

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