Hillary is more of an opportunist than Vladimir Putin.

Obama said this about her: “She will Do Anything and Say Anything”. That’s a marker of a serial Liar. That’s Hillary. She has proven no one can trust her. She has proven no one should trust her. She lied about Benghazi to the families of the four Americans killed there dur to her lack of leadership. No one could reach her during the attacks. She was fast asleep in her bed. 

Anyone who trusts Hillary is psychotic.

America is the most successful culture in the history of the world. America is the fairest and therefore the best place to be for the weak, the vulnerable, for women, and for children. America is the baseline for the battle between honesty and corruption.

And this is the wonderful thing about Donald Trump: When people talk about him challenging political correctness, it isn’t just about forcing the media to stop yelling at him when he uses phrases like ‘illegal immigrant.’ That’s been treated like the ‘n-word’ for the past decade. But he is altering the political correctness that forces us to see ourselves as corrupt. Donald Trump is showing us to ourselves and insisting that we are great.

Look at all of the brainwashing going on in colleges. Look at the cultures the Democrats have encouraged to come to America. Look at their lack of American values, at their complete lack of freedom and that they have no experience with nor tradition of free speech or Innocent until proved guilty.

Look at what’s happening on all these college campuses where the kids say, ‘No, we think there should not be free speech if it hurts someone’s feelings.’

And all of these sexual assault tribunals, where the accusation is enough. There is no innocent until proven guilty, there is no citing alternative — This is becoming “1984” where Big Brother Government is always watching. No one can defend themselves in that situation.

It’s realistic to evaluate these changes as dangerous to the American Couture — the culture that emerged from the Magna Carta, the Glorious Revolution, the apotheosis of which is the Declaration of Independence. Freedom is a hard thing to learn, and yes we can teach and assimilate people to this wonderful culture we have, but we can’t do it in the numbers of people the Democrats and Obama are bringing in.

Bottom Line: Hillary Must not win. Hillary should not win. There is only one candidate in this election because Hillary has consistently disqualified herself over her entire political career. Trump is showing Americans that America is great. Hillary is showing everyone she’s just another common, lying politician who has remained married to a serial rapist and attacked the women he raped. She’s protected and defended his rapes and she has the gall to pretend she is outraged by one word Trump said 11 years ago? How unjust.

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