Ahmad Khan Rahami, an Afghan immigrant who is now a US citizen seems to be the guy who set up bombs in Manhattan and New Jersey. He hates America, and also does not care for homosexuals. However, we Americans breathed a sigh of relief when we were told Mr. Rahami’s actions had nothing to do with Islam according to reports in the Gates of Vienna. Connect the dots with the spontaneous rioting in Charlotte NC.

Were the riots instigated by forces to coverup the terrible connections with Rahami? Obama denies the connections with any religion yet Rahami is neither a Christian nor a Jew.

Coincidences happen. So do planned events. Starting a riot is African American neighborhoods is fairly straightforward. Start a narrative on social media and the riots follow with not much additional effort.

Charlotte is a small place, especially the neighborhoods where the most crimes are reported. Grievances abound, tempers are short and the evenings are dark enough to cover a getaway. The adage that expected behavior is predictable makes it fairly easy to get chaos in short order.



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