Do Not Run on the last four years. They have been one continuous disaster.

Do not run on the difference between the two parties. That won’t work because by now we know how similiar they are.

Do not run on the basis of who is more qualified to lead the nation. Joe “Jobs is a three letter word” Biden proved that will not work against a competant person. It will be a Democratic Disaster to compare Biden to Ryan. Obama has divided America. Leaders unite people.

Do not run on the basis of cleaning up the corruption. The Democrats made it worse.

Do not run on who can prepare a budget. Neither Obama nor the Democrats have prepared a budget for the past three and a half years.

Do not run on the basis of helping Seniors. Obamacare reduced Medicare and Medicade  by 20% to pay for millions of people who refuse to pay for medical insurance.

Do not run on the basis of who represents the working man. Both Obama and Biden are multi-millionaires.

Do not run on the basis of cleaning up the corruption in Washington. Obama gave out more patronage jobs and no-show jobs than any other President. So did his wife.

Do not run on the basis of whose wife has made less from patronage. Michelle has 24 staffers who are paid an average $74,000 a year plus expenses. Jackie Kennedy had one. Michelle’s Chief of Staff, Susan Sher is paid $172,000 per year. Prior to Mamie Eisenhower the cost for social help was paid by the President.  

Do not run on the basis of being Socialist. Voters are weary of paying for welfare cheats.

The best issue on which to run is: “Resignation before Defeat”. You cannot be called a loser if you resign before you lose.  That’s the beauty of resignations.


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