It’s either/or on morals. Things are either Right, – right to do, or Wrong and should not be done. Either the government protects private property or it pays for it when it takes it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a “Partial Taking” or a “Full Taking”, a taking demands two things. First, that it be within the emumerated powers to take it and second that it be paid for. Protect Private Property. The 3 P’s. Consider the violation of those principles, the takeover of Private Property along Route 32 in Upper Makefield:  Resolution #2012-04-17-01 that three  supervisors, (Rattigan, Baldwin and Ryan) voted for completely outside any authority they have. It needs to be rescinded. As it stands and as it is stated and approved it is a takeover of the use of all of the private property in Upper Makefield along Route 32. The takeover violated  specifically this part of the Fifth Amendment: “…. nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”. The three Upper Makefield Supervisors’s should have known about the Fifth Amendment. They should have known about Section 10 of the PA Constitution which also requires compensation for property taken.  They should have known they were opening up all the properties along Route 32 to condemnation proceedings because that’s the only way they could actually take the land. Their attorney, Mary Eberle, Esq. and the Law Firm for which she practices is also culpable. The misadvised Resolution condemns or opens to condemnation all properties that can be seen from any direction from Route 32. That’s called ‘the View-scape. Seriously, …. that’s what it ‘s called. View-scape means any land and anything you see from the taken land. The “Reach” is all land that can be seen, (viewed) from the taken land. The four Upper Makefieldians should have known about the National Republican opposition to issues like they approved. So should all of the municipalities in Bucks that approved this type of resolution. The Upper Make attorney either mis-advised or mislead the three supervisors into accepting the  Resolution. Upper Makefield should get their money back from the attorney for the bad acvice.  This also happened in other Bucks municipalities along Routes 32 and 611. This is not a conspiracy. It’s right in the open. It’s part of a worldwide grab of American Land. The Grab as a tactic was started in Stockholm in 1972, 40 years ago, was extended in Rio 20 years ago, in Johannesberg 10 years ago and was jut re-affirmed in June in Rio. These were United Nations Earth Summits and they have property rights in their gunsights. The values of the Earth Summits came to Bucks County and to Upper Makefield. which is why 3 Supers voted to take control of the land of the unsuspecting citizens in Upper Makefield. The other two Upper Make supervisors are outraged because of the underhanded way the resolution was passed. Too bad for us all because now the taking is official. It’s the recommendation of and the doing by the United Nations. The UN is now hanging over and hiding in the shadows of the sacred American land of Washington Crossing Park. The U.N. wants to destroy America partly by controling Private Property.  How do I know this? Because the National Republican Party alerted me to the threat. the Republicans are opposing the United Nations Land Control  agenda. the National Republican Committee issued a list of private property inititives they want to include in the Presidential Election Plank for 2012.  See  the National Republican Party’s response to the U.N. and their Resolution to Stop Agenda 21 at:  but there are plenty more people and organizations that have been alerted to the Anti-American Assault on Private Property Rights of not only the U.N. but thousands of NGO’s. See a short summary, (don’t laugh. It’s not funny) at “The International Tyranny of Bike Lanes” at The Atlantic Wire:  This is serious stuff. This is not fooling around. It’s working against the citizens of Upper Make and the unsuspecting citizens of Lower Makefield are next. Come help us Protect Private Property at the next Lower Makefield Supervisor’s meeting on July 18, 2012  1100 Edgewood Rd Morrisville, PA 19067 .


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