Elected and re-elected in fits of anti-racial fever, reality his him and America like a ton of bricks. 

Putin showed his Russians how strong he was by showing something glaringly obvious. Obama is weak. He’s less than weak as a leader. No one’s following him. His legacy is his division of America. Leaders unite. Obama divided. 

He can go play in his little pool with his rubber ducky’s. He’s spent far to much tax money on himself and his wife who spends $2.1 million a year on her personal assistants. Obama lost the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. He simply quit. A quit is worse than a loss. It’s a child’s way to stop losing but in the case of the President, walking away from ISIS empowered them. Sending $1.7 billion in cash to Iran is a child’s way to kiss the winner hoping to stop the fight.   

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