WOW! Chelsea helping her mom’s opponent. Who would think things would go so wrong when a daughter decides to campaign for her mom?

But it’s happening. The more Chelsea appears in public the more people are reminded of the Crime Family that has ripped off the people since Bill raised the cost of a license plate in Arkansas in 1979.  He’s been ripping America off ever since. 

Way back Hillary violated security rules on the Watergate Investigation and got away with it. She has a long history of being able to break rules without consequence as she did yoe again with her two private non-government, non-secure servers, one in her home and the other in Denver Co. The bet is both were hacked since it’s so easy to do and Guccifer claims he did it; that it was easy so others must have done it too.

Chelsea said her mom isn’t engaging in divisive, bitter rhetoric, a comment that’s divisive and bitter as well as false. Hillary is a queen at bitter, divisive rhetoric and her daughter inherited that and the ability to lie from her too.

The Clinton Crime Family: Bill, Hillary and Chelsea.

Oh. And Chelsea is worth $15 million so she’s sharing in the loot of the Clinton Crime Family Foundations.  


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