Obama never released the results of his IQ tests so we cannot judge how competent he is but his commercial success is just about zero. Sure he gets $569,000 a year as President so over 8 years we’ve paid him $4.6 million and Michelle has paid her mother another half million plus all the free travel around the world but they didn’t sell anything to get all of that money. Trump on the other hand makes $380 Million a year,  about 83 times what Obama makes.

Yet Obama thinks, wrongly as it turns out, that Trump is unqualified to be President as though success as great as Donald has had is limited to commerce.

Turns out, the President doesn’t make any money. Oh, he gets paid but he doesn’t make or sell anything for the money. He just has to show up and he gets the money. Trump has to earn a lot of money but he only gets to keep some of the profits because he has to share the profits with all of his investors.

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