There are five people on the Northampton Board of Supervisors however due to one recently passing away there are only four people serving.  There is a sort of complicated set of rules to replace a supervisor but having run for the position in the past as well as being one of the people who have paid attention to the business of the township for decades, a replacement can be voted upon at the next Supervisors meeting.

The voters get to have their say in early next year at the Primary Election and the voters will name a replacement at the 2017 election.

There are almost 40,000 people living in Northampton who pay loads for money in local taxes and that amount has increased five times, that’s 500% since we moved to Northampton. My position is the taxes are too high and need to be reduced. “TAXATION WITHOUT LIMITATION IS TYRANNY”.

Of course the idea that taxation is unlimited was given additional weight by Washington which overturned the Constitutional protection provided by the Limited Powers Doctrine. The Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional but people can be forced to buy it or go to prison for not paying the tax.If that sounds crazy, it’s because it is.
Justice Roberts and the four Liberals on the Supreme Court mocked the Constitution when they said ACA violated the Constitution but that’s OK because they can impose it by calling the fine for not buying it is a tax. ACA is an intellectual insult because nothing is both itself and not itself, both Constitutional and Unconstitutional, –much like the South pole is not the North pole unless it’s called the North pole by Obama and the Five Supremes who did it. 



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