Obama get’s it backwards. He thinks more guns mean more violence but the countries with the most homicides have the fewest guns. Switzerland requires ex-military to take their machine pistols and machine guns home with them and Switzerland has far fewer homicides than anywhere except America.¬†

Right. America with far more guns has far less gun homicides than Switzerland.

Gun ownership is a result of a culture, not a cause of it. But Obama should not look at all of America and reach his conclusions about guns. There is no one “American” culture.

It turns out, according to the CDC that there is a huge disconnect between where the guns are more common and where there is actually the most gun violence. In America it’s concentrated in the areas with large numbers of black and Hispanics. Why is that?

The parts of America where there are more guns are not the parts where there are more homicides. Obama is dead wrong to try to understand what to do about guns because he treats all of America as homogenized when the different areas have very different crime rates. It’s not politically correct to say that crime follows skin color but the problems of Ferguson are different than the problems of Beverly Hills.

Fortunately for the American culture overall, President Obama has ho chance of changing American law to conform to his distorted ideas about guns. He may issue some regulations but they can be undone if a President with more sense about the different American cultures is elected. That means no Hillary who is even worse than Obama in her ideas about guns.

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