In British Columbia the Knights of Columbus agreed to rent it’s reception hall for a wedding reception. They discovered the couple was a couple of lesbians which would violate the religious rights of the Knights of Columbus. Despite finding another reception hall for the lesbians and paying to print new invitations the lesbians sued and the Knights were fined.

CNS News reports: “it’s becoming obvious that Christian people, leaders, and organizations are being targeted, almost certainly to create legal precedents”—precedents intended to silence and punish anyone who dares to disagree with so-called gay “marriage.”

In 2012 we’ve seen ObamaCare attack the religious rights of Catholic churches by attempting to force them, in violation of Catholic teaching, to pay for contraceptives and abortifacients for church employees. And a lesbian employee of a Catholic hospital in New York sued the hospital for denying her partner spousal health benefits.

When people ask: “How does gay ‘marriage’ hurt us?” It means that those hostile to Christian beliefs will attempt to force Christians to not only accept gay “marriage,” but to condone it as well.

It’s one thing to object to the law of the land but when the law actually has the consequence of  forcing people to act against their religious rights the law is in violation of the Constitution. That certainly hurts.

FIRST AMENDMENT: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Christians who are fined for refusing to act against the religious principal that Christ made heterosexual marriage a sacrament are being punished for their religious beliefs by the government. That’s wrong.

Forcing businesses to act as though homosexual marriage is legal also violates the Freedom of Expression of the Christians.

It cannot be right that the law considers and treats heterosexual and homosexual marriage as the same thing when they are clearly different. The laws need to figure out how to protect the rights of everyone and anyone to get married without penalizing Christians but so far it hasn’t. But it’s worse. The law has penalized people who object to homosexual marriage. That may be OK but to reward homosexuals for finding ways to sue Christians who object on religious grounds is wrong.

It’s also wrong to reward homosexuals who deceive people into making contracts as heterosexuals then notifying the people they are not heterosexual. That’s a fraud and the contract is invalid because fraud invalidates an agreement.

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