Has America gone mad? Perhaps. American’s banned a flag supposedly because it symbolized hate. That’s very abnormal.

Race is too easy a target. Black or white? Too easy.

Racism has been changed from Race to White. Is America divided by race as Hillary and Obama believe? Or is America not divided much or not much at all? 

Suppose the question is: “Is America a lawful country?” Yes. …. No division….. Not by race. No division. None.

Black people in America, the African Americans have experienced rising real incomes, declining residential isolation, higher interracial marriage rates, falling poverty and high school dropout rates, much greater representation in higher education,T.V. commercials, T.V. shows and dramatic increases in political participation and officeholding including a black man with an Islamic and an African name: Barack Hussein Obama.

Unfortunately many have been deluded and have deluded themselves into thinking the condition of black people in the United States has been deteriorating when in fact it has been improving for seventy years.

What about the escalating rates of out-of-wedlock pregnancy and the chaotic family lives of many black people in the cities? Are those problems the consequence of white people or are they caused by something else?

Black scholars such as Shelby Steele and Thomas Sowell criticize set-asides, busing, quotas, and other liberal efforts to promote race equality. “Race-conscious policies,” it is emphasized, “make for more race-consciousness; they carry America backward.”

Barack should study these assertions. His ham-handed 1960’s ideas have worsened race issues in America.

Denver’s experiment with court-ordered busing was “an unmitigated disaster,” and the Supreme Court’s Griggs decision (1971) limiting the use of standardized tests in hiring, was the “opening chapter in a dreary story of judicial creativity and confusion.” Why did rates of crime and out-of-wedlock pregnancy grow so rapidly in some black communities in the 1970s and 1980s? Why the disorder and the overwhelming disrespect for learning that afflict black elementary and secondary students disproportionately?

Why, do other ethnic groups move up the socioeconomic ladder faster than African Americans? Did Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan have a point in stressing the long-range consequences of involuntary migration and slavery— unique to the history of African Americans? How much truth is there to the argument that James Baldwin and others used to highlight: that many American blacks tend toward self-hatred, which leads to failure? These matters are huge and often incendiary, and the media and social scientists, understandably treat them gingerly.

The current and false Liberal command to stop saying the words that cause the division has increased, not lessened skin color divisions. Stereotypes are useful everywhere but it is forbidden to use pronouns, that’s what a stereotype is, a pronoun that in the case of race means attributing characteristics by skin color. But when it comes to skin color the shut-your-mouth approach of Obama can’t be the answer because he’s followed it and things got worse.

Before a solution can be invented, the problem has to be defined but with Obama prohibiting the words that’s impossible.

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