It’s the Corruption, not the optics. Lynch should resign or be fired. 

Perfect together. Two swindlers playing: “Lets make a deal to keep Hillary out of jail” for her violations of the Espionage Act with her illegal e-mail’s; for Fraud of the American people with her “video caused it” Benghazi lies like “the dog ate my homework”; her payoffs of Bills sex partners; her ‘missing’ Rose Law Firm Billing Records that magically were found in the White House residence; her political ‘firing’ then sending the FBI to arrest and charge travel Office manager Billy Dale; to the $100,000 profit from a $1,000 ‘investment” in one year; to her stripping Vince Fosters Crime Scene office in the White House moments after his suicide; Hillary is worse than the worst female criminal in history. 

Hillary is the reason government must be watched lest it support crime.

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