How Obama and Hillary’s failed leadership helped cause the death’s of the four American’s who were killed in the Benghazi raid – is clear from the 800 page non-partisan, non-political Congressional investigation and report.

Democrats refused to attend hearings so they are to be condemned by their despicable behavior. They are engaging in pure political theater on behalf of their disgraced party in a cover-up for and on behalf of President Obama and Hillary. Despicable.

Obama had a policy “No Boots On The Ground” but he intervened in Libya with air strikes. He could have simpley sent boots into Libya to rescue the four Americans and explained it as a rescue mission. No one would have cared and the four American’s would be alive. Instead his stubbornness and frankly his stupidness prevented him from doing the right things.

Hillary is shown to be a poor choice as a leader. She was completely flummoxed by the events so she could not make any decisions about what to do. Four people paid the price for her incompetence.  

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