Ever wonder how the Germans accepted Fascism? They had leaders like the Congressional Democrats who think guns are violent even though they accept and demand their bodyguards carry guns. 

America is a unique place. The original guvernment trusted people. the present day Democrats hate and oppose the people. How else to explain Congress’s mis-trust of the people?

There are 14 Democrat women in the Senate. Every one opposes the Second Amendment. Baldwin, Boxer, Cantwell, Feinstein, Gillibrand, Hitecamp, Hirono, Klobuchar, McCaskill, Mikulski, Murray, Shaheen, Stabenow, and Pocahontas aka. Warren. There are 62 Democratic women in the House of Representatives, each one of whom opposes the Second Amendment. .

The President endorsed the Democrat assault on the Second Amendment. Shows how little he knows about the founding principles of the country into which he was born. Even though he was born her, he’s insufficiently American to lead America and his utter disregard for the Second Amendment and for the laws in general prove his warped agenda is against American principles.

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