Hillary screwed up the weapons deal in Benghazi which led to the deaths of four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Now she plans to bomb Syria and remove Assad to be replaced by: …….. well, we don’t know because Hillary don’t know either. She has another half-baked childish plan to remove a vicious dictator, in this case Bashir Assad whose grasp on power has left 400,000 dead, ….. with someone like the person who replaced Muammar Qaddafi.

Right. Hillary had no plan to replace Qaddafi.
She has no plan to replace Assad.
A group of 51 Foreign Service “advisors” inside the State Department, a group who is known to support the foreign service solutions advocated by Hillary Clinton, …. signed a memo to bomb Assad but like Hillary, they failed to consider what Putin and Russia would do. They ignorantly wrote they are not “advocating for a slippery slope that ends in a military confrontation with Russia”, ….but that’s precisely what they are promoting.

What will/would happen when: ..sophisticated Russian air defenses in Syria shoot down attacking U.S. warplanes? Russia has indicated it is willing to consider supporting the replacement of al-Assad as part of an eventual peace settlement but it has also insisted there must be stability by way of a transition that permits a recognized government to stay in place to avoid the type of anarchy that would guarantee an ISIS takeover. The 51 “diplomats” who have been unable to practice much diplomacy in the real world somehow believe bombing the Syrian government can be accomplished with Moscow sitting idly by, too terrified by Washington’s show of force to respond.

Knowing Putin’s KGB trained belligerent personality, it’s a mistake to think that.

One solution to Assads inhumane killing of Syrians is an invasion by the Nations United. Or, by a coalition including America, Russia, China and the major European Nations. That’s not what the dimwitted 51 career foreign service agents who worked in the Hillary State Department invented. Their ill-conceived memo shows why Hillary must never be given the power to command America’s Military, a military she and President Bill Clinton detested and who still do.

Oh. A foreign service footnote. Goofball John Kerry has been spectacularly unsuccessful regarding things in general including Syria. ….. Another Hillary~Obama Bumbler.

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