Upper Makefield has another chance to keep Washington Crossing Park under their control and to protect the private property of Upper Makefield. The Supervisors passed a Resolution in April to support the D & L By-Way “proposal” thats been rejected by Lower Makefield, Tinicum and Noxamixon. Officially the plan is cancelled according to Elissa Garofolo of D & L Inc. But – there’s a possibility it could be tweaked and changed to rise again. Upper Makefield was deceived by the so-called D & L Management Action Plan. Lower Makefield wasn’t. Upper Makefield needs to Rescind their Resolution. One of the U.M. Supervisors should make a Motion to Repeal, Rescind, Revoke, Retract and End Resolution #04-17-2012-1. The vote to repeal should be 5 to 1. It’s the right thing to do.

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