Rails To Trails is a slick $9 Million Dollar a year operation with highly paid directors and employees and operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It’s bona fides are somewhat murky but there is a
Bicycle Master Plan for Bucks County that dovetails neatly with a Green Movement Agenda which is also an important part of the United Nations which is headquartered in nearby Manhattan, New York where very few, if any diplomats ride a bicycle to work.

Rails to Trails identifies a bicycle as “Transportation”. Transportation of course includes travel by air and by automobiles, buses and even ferry boats.

It’s rather naive to believe a bicycle is a serious transportation device but that’s what Rails To Trails is promoting.

In Northampton Township SEPTA, the regional bus and rail provider has “control” of about 4.5 miles of an abandoned railroad track. Rails to Trails seeks to have the residents of Northampton pay for paving over the abandoned railroad tracks so some people can ride their bicycles, jog or just walk along the paved “trail”.

The Denver Post reported that in 2009 the Republican Candidate for Governor of Colorado spoke out about his previously naive belief that the efforts of the Mayor of Denver to boost bike riding was harmless and well-meaning but his investigations showed a shadow plan by the International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives to wean people off automobiles.

Mayor Bill de Blasio spent $41 million and introduced CITI BIKE in Manhattan to get people to ride a bicycle instead of taking a taxi, riding the bus or taking the subway. It’s been a monumental failure. People won’t ride a bike when it’s raining or snowing. Seniors are out of luck as their bike riding days are behind them. Dis-satisfied customers cut up the seats and jam things in the chain. Cracked seats, worn tires, loose brakes and graffiti removal are the top targets of the fix-up, Maintenance is too high to make a profit. Falling off the bike injures people. So does getting hit by a car or truck because streets and roads are made for cars, trucks and buses. It’s a little nutty to ride a bicycle down Broadway where drivers of cars, trucks and buses are frustrated because of clogged streets and not expecting a bicycle rider to dart in front of a vehicle.

Concussions, lacerations and bruises are common. People arrive at work and need a shower but most businesses don’t have showers.

People in China ride bicycles because they cannot afford a car or even a motor scooter. People in America don’t want to waste their time so they drive or fly around. They don’t like bicycles except for recreation but neither do the diplomats in the United Nations. Everyone at the UN has a limo or hails a cab.

They had a “U.N. Bike Ride” to promote bicycle riding in Manhattan. It was a flop. 15 people from the UN showed up, sat on the bicycles for the photos of them promoting bicycles, got off and went back inside to the air conditioned UN building where escalators and elevators whisked them around so they could get their work done.

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