As soon as the PGA announced they would hold the 2017 tournament in Mexico, Trump let loose and said: “If I become your president, this stuff is all going to stop.”

What can he do about it? How can President Trump get the PGA to stay in America?

One way is to make a deal as a businessman and promote a different pro golf event at the same time. Another is to offer the PGA a better deal than Mexico. Another is to have a worldwide event in another sport, say Indianapolis Race Cars at a bigger track at the same time which would almost completely wipe out anyone watching a golf tournament which is pretty boring anyhow. How about the Trump 600, a 600 mile car race in downtown Washington DC that would weave around not only DC but cross over into Virginia, go around the Pentagon, the Lincoln Memorial and thru Annapolis? Who would want to watch a bunch of Mariachi Bands and tequila drinkers over the Trump 600.

Maybe a Muhammad Ali Memorial Boat Race would be more popular than a PGA golf tournament.

Suppose Trump helps say the five most popular entertainers have a marathon fund raiser for the Vets, the kids and to pay the taxes of the million poorest taxpayers?

Like Donald says: This Sh** Is Going To Stop!! 
America is going to be great again.





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